Succession Planning Services

Succession Planning

We specialize in helping family businesses transfer leadership and ownership to the next generation. How? By being an objective “voice of reason” during an emotional time to provide your family with proven advice and sensible options to help you be confident in the decisions you make for yourself, your children and for generations beyond.

You can rely on us to help you develop a solid plan that balances the success of the operation with the health and happiness of your family. And then we help you execute that plan so you’re not left to sort the complexities out on your own.

“Your expert help with our succession plan has allowed us to move ahead and has really empowered my son. It has been a wonderful experience that I know we’ll want to continue as time goes on.”

– Father/Owner of Family Owned Dairy Operation, Minnesota.

Organizational and People Development

From recruitment and selection to comprehensive compensation plans, GROW can help you build confidence in the development of your people and organization. We bring process and structure where none previously existed like creating job descriptions and evaluations, employee handbooks, personal growth plans, leadership development and more. We are also proud to be an Authorized DiSC Provider at GROW. We support family and business communication, as well as enhance relationships and increase team productivity by weaving DiSC into your everyday conversations and formal communications strategies.

“They helped my father and I understand each other better. My father has a much different communication style than I, often a source of conflict. Without their help, I don’t think we would be as happy as we are.”

– Son of Father/Son Specialty Crop Operation, Michigan.