Business & Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our economic understanding coupled with industry expertise can provide you with advice that gives you confidence in your financial management practices. The assessment and confidence can then support family decision making and discussions of hot button financial topics in an impartial, data driven way. We provide core financial planning services like annual financial “check-ups,” ratio analysis, expansion feasibility, benchmarking and support with lender and other stakeholder communication. We also have expertise in financial restructures, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.

“They were able to present things in a way we could understand and helped us develop a scorecard to know where we need to put our resources. They have also helped us strengthen our relationships with our lenders,”

– Husband and Wife Dairy Owners, Indiana.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are looking for long-term planning or are facing major organizational changes, our experience will support you in both imagining the big picture AND implementing the plan so your family business knows where it’s heading, now and in the future.

“The strategic planning process absolutely clarified the direction of our business. It’s very enlightening to have someone outside the business as part of the process. In fact, I think every business should have someone from the outside looking in to bring a fresh perspective,”

– Brother/Owner in Crop Partnership, Idaho.

Business Valuation

Whether your daughter is becoming an owner or dad is exiting the partnership, it is common to need an opinion as to the value of your business. GROW provides a comprehensive and objective financial assessment of the fair market value of your business. An Accredited Business Valuation consultant will provide a valuation that will help navigate the key aspects of the overall process and assist you through the complexity of the projects for which your valuation is being used.

“I wanted to express my personal appreciation to you for your expert assistance and advice. It would have been impossible to obtain this outstanding result but for the joint efforts of our team, including you,”

– Ag Client’s Attorney, Illinois.

On-going Advisory Services

We are proud of the long-term relationships we build with our clients by earning their trust and assisting their families through tough decisions. In fact, we work with families across generations, from son to father to grandfather, serving as an ongoing sounding board and trusted advisor. This approach means we are often called upon to share our knowledge and experience in various environments like workshops or facilitating special meetings. Whether it’s speaking to a crowd of hundreds or a family gathering, we value your trust and are here to help in any way we can.

“I think it is very important to surround yourself with people that are more informed than you in certain areas. That’s what having an outside partner does for you. I wouldn’t want to be without it,”

– Father/Owner Potato Farm, Michigan.

Some of our other services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Capital Restructures
  • Economic Analysis
  • Expansion Feasibility
  • Lender Communication Consulting
  • Quarterly and Annual Financial Monitoring
  • Scorecards