Hiring A Key Employee

Client Profile

  • Third Generation Family Business
  • Annual Revenue 4.5 million
  • Wholesale Food Packing and light food processing
  • Past projects with GROW include Succession Planning, Strategic Planning, Financial Management and Credit Requests


The business had grown in both size and sophistication over the many years working with GROW and other industry advisors. They found themselves in a spot where quick access to analysis, real time information to help make key decisions and the need to have a second opinion to help make financial assessments became apparent. The GROW consultant recommended creating and hiring for a key employee position and improve the businesses processes through some organizational development work.


The challenges facing the three partners were they had always just made those decisions amongst themselves as needed informally. If they needed advice, they might go talk to dad or another close industry colleague or find a trusted professional to help navigate the scenario to come to a decision. It seemed foreign for them to bring in a nonfamily member into the inner-circle management of their business.


The opportunities for this key position to help drive their need to better manage the business and foster leadership exponentially outweighed the drawback of uncomfortable interactions and the extra efforts of formalizing “how we do things”.


GROW helped the management team of the family business narrow the roles and responsibilities of each partner and determine what they really needed from the new position. During that process they discovered many overlapping areas each were redundantly spending time on. They worked through formalizing job descriptions not only for the new position but for existing managers, family and nonfamily employees. This gave a sense of certainty to many of the family members feeling as though they were under appreciated and unrecognized for all that they do out of loyalty for the family business. Now they have job descriptions to measure and set goals against during the review process that previously consisted of simply awarding employees based on company growth. A detailed hiring process was created to ensure success of the new position. GROW and the employer conducted a thorough candidate search and due diligently let the process lead them to the right person for the position.


The candidate has successfully been in place for several years. With the help of the new position the partners have access to the information they need to make decisions. The position has grown into a key role within the management team and has been able to move the business into other areas of efficiency and improve job satisfaction of the managers and employees both family and nonfamily.